Thursday, October 25, 2012


I just looked it up on Google... no hits for the word "previsionism".  Therefore, let the record show that I, Edwardo Crum, on the 25th of October, 2012 coined the term.  Below you will find the my official reference information, so that you may cite appropriately anytime you use the term.

Revisionists have sought to manipulate historical accounts to fit their ideological beliefs.  Pilgrims were bigots, Jefferson was a pimp, "we didn't land on Plymouth Rock...  the rock was landed on us!", Columbus discovered America, etc.  Unfortunately this approach to revising history leaves much to be desired.  First and foremost, quite a few people actually have been taught something completely different.  Sure, people who actually view Pilgrims favorably are typically old and remember the days before cell phones, yet they still present a counter-view to history which Revisionists find unsettling.  The logical conclusion, and an approach which is currently being tested, is the previsionist history method.  While the prefix "pre" and the word "history" seem at odds with each other, let me explain how amazingly perfect this concept is:  So often history unfolds in a way that doesn't support the narrative agreed upon behind closed doors, where profoundly intelligent people have tirelessly planned out a perfect course for our lives.  Hiccups in history are just like hiccups in real life; they're best is they never happened.  The Previsionist is a step ahead of the history game; he knows that events must unfold in a way that promotes the common good.  While the Previsionist is obviously good for our future, alas it has become apparent that we need significant improvements to technology, since obviously our current resources are inadequate.  While the Previsionists could see the angry mob protesting because of a YouTube video, the video cameras, drones, heck- all the resources of the CIA couldn't see the throng of people gathered in the streets. 

Of course the truly suave Previsionist would say, "who said anything about an angry mob?"

*When using the following terms:  "Previsionism", "Previsionist", "Prevision", please be sure to say the following (or else you will be grossly plagiarizing a fellow blogger):  " use the term coined by Edwardo Crum, on the 25th of October, 2012 whilst he was minding his own business sipping some coffee..."  Below you will find an example of how to properly use this citation in a sentence.

**  Let us say that you are standing on the front porch after Bible study and you're complaining about how unfair it is that some Spanish dweeb got the credit for something that Leif Erikson did hundreds of years prior...  "I can't believe that those good-for-nothing, to use the term coined by Edwaro Crum, on the 25th of October, 2012 whilst he was minding his own business sipping some coffee, revisionists gave all the credit to Columbus for what Erikson did hundreds of years before!"